FTF Performance Clutch Kits

Our high performance clutch components are manufactured for us by the most reputable names in the business. Companies such as Barnett, Primo, & Belt Drives LTD. have been leading the way for decades & deliver products of unparalleled quality. Made in the USA.

1998-12 Twin-Cam

Extra Plate kit (Includes 10 Kevlar friction & 9 steel plates, 11% more surface area) $184.95


1990-97 Big Twin & 1991-12 XL

Extra Plate Kit (Includes 9 Kevlar friction & 8 steel plates 15% more surface area) $169.95


Clutch Springs

Your choice of clutch springs available in three pressure ratings to fit above clutches as well as stock packs. Made in the USA. Not sure what spring you need? Call our technical department for advice: (855) FTF-PERF


  Stock Medium Competition
1998-12 Twin-Cam $28.95 $28.95 $30.95
1990-97 BT/ 91-97 XL $26.95 $28.95 $30.95